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Sunday, April 17, 2011


Trimet, supposedly one of the leading transit agencies in the USA, has been intruding on my private life by attempting to regulate my behavior off the job. This is being done by applying questionable HR rules to prohibit my disclosing information that damages the reputation of the agency. They pretend to be concerned about the welfare of its employees, the opposite is true. This company has been engaging in a war against it employees since Neil Macfarlane has taken over as its General Manager. There has never been as much dissatisfaction coming from employees in the 14 years I have worked here.
This is my story for my rights as a private citizen of the State of Oregon.


I'm an employee of the local transit district, known as TRIMET, and over the past year my company has been systematically taking away my rights as a free citizen of this country by intruding on my personal life by making me comply with their rules which according to them regulate my off the job behavior. Non compliance with their HR rules will lead to my termination from the district.

This latest fight is over my ability to listen, record, and post over the airwave communications between Trimet dispatchers and bus drivers. It is a completely legal endeavor. However, the management asserts that I have to gain "express permission" before posting any audio or video of any employee of the district, on or off duty. Over the air communications are not private and can be monitored by any citizen, who is then free to record and post whatever is of interest.

In the current case a bus driver was "embarrassed" by their behavior which was over the air. The management requested that I remove the posting, which I did, as it has been my habit of cooperating with Trimet management in situations such as this. (No more cooperation will be forthcoming from me however). Even though I cooperated I was still disciplined.

Trimet attempts to regulate my off duty behavior is constitutionally questionable, and I am securing legal representation to guide me through the remaining steps on my internal procedures and follow through in the courts if necessary. Unfortunately, legal representation is very costly and I have been advised by competent legal experts that I am "stuck" with the process that is in place now, the one sided
grievance process. The grievance process is heavily weighted to management, Trimet managers evaluating other Trimet managers,  a complete farce. The only hope of any fair hearing is the final step of the process, the arbitrator. That's a long process and in the meantime the company gets its way. An employee it turns out is basically a serf, stuck complying with whatever rules a company places on you, legal or otherwise.

Fred Hansen, progressive leader
This is a fight for free rights, not dispatch calls. Neil Macfarlane as the new director of Trimet has clamped down on people such as me, "rabble rousers". Under Fred Hansen's leadership, I never encountered any problems around my off duty behavior. All the problems I am having have been since this new general manager has taken over.

The following is a letter to the management over my disciplinary letter, and following that are the original letter and all subsequent communications with Trimet management around my rights and their HR rules.

Neil Macfarlane tyrant


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